Mordomias Fiber Glass



MORDOMIAS is a love story between two creatives.

From the unlikely combination between the mind of a Designer and a Materials Engineer, a passionate Design brand is born in Oporto.

Simplicity and fluidity are explored within fibers and resins functionality with no boundaries.

Since 2004, That Place creates Design pieces and Interior and Outdoors Decoration projects setting a before and after in the history of spaces.

The good name of Portuguese Design lives in each piece and tells a story of beauty, passion, and dedication.

  • MORDOMIAS  is a Portuguese furniture and lighting brand made from composit materials (Resins and Fiber Glass) with a contemporary design.

        With excellent mechanical properties, low density and resistant to water and UV rays, suitable for interiors, exteriors and public areas, due to its resistance, durability and adaptability to each environment.

  • We have a own collection: Seats, tables, pots and lighting
  • We also produce bespoke for residential, commercial and contract projects 

Technical characteristics and specificity of the used material  (resins + fiberglass), in which its potential is enormous:

– Allows to develop organic shapes

– Resistant to water, humidity and UV rays (ideal for outdoors, SPAs and WCs)

– It doesn’t age or crack over time, there’s always a way to repair if necessary and it doesn’t get dirt.

– Very light material (facilitates movement, cleaning (eg in hotels), and in the case of ceiling lighting, it is an excellent substitute for metal and other materials, not damaging structures

– We use ecological resins, which means they have little styrene emission and therefore few odors. In addition, we guarantee the necessary curing time.

– It is possible to use fire-retardant resins, whenever the project requires it.